What are the symptoms Gaucher disease?

Because of the abnormal build up of fat, many organs, mainly the spleen and liver, are unsually enlarged. This can cause the stomach to swell. Other symptoms include bone pain, easy bruising, and fatigue. The symptoms I have just listed are most common in cases of type 1 Gaucher disease, which is non-neuropathic.
Gaucher disease type 2 has much more severe symptoms. This type of the disease affects the nervous system, and occurs in infants after glucocerebroside builds up in the brain. Symptoms include difficulty swallowing, muscle spasms, crossed eyes, and trouble gaining weight. Unfortunately, many babies born with this do not survive.
Type 3 has a combination of symptoms that show in both type 1 and 2, but the issues with the nervous system occur much slower in cases of type 3. The disease mainly progresses during the first decade of life. Symptoms include fatigue, bone pain, seizures, abnormal eye movements, and the inability to coordinate movements.